5 Traits of a Successful Stoner

Results from a study conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association conclude that approximately 7.3% of Americans smoke marijuana on a regular basis. Some people smoke from joints or bongs, while others use a marijuana humidor or other device. This equals approximately 19 million regular cannabis users.  With such a high number of cannabis consumers enjoying the herb regularly, it’s safe to say that smokers are highly functional more often than not, despite the stereotypes some naysayers might’ve developed.

Highly functional stoners surround you at the office, on the construction site, and managing the retail store you love to shop at. These stoners come to work every day like anyone else, earning their living before heading home to relax, unwind, and indulge in a bit of the herbal remedy. The stoners around you who hike the mountain trails, attend political rallies and even visit art galleries and museums. Stoners, my friend, are like you and I, with one exception: they enjoy life at a deeper level with thanks to the herb and the accessories they find at head shops denver colorado.

Trait One: They’re Always Smiling

Sure, the stoner probably took a nice toke or two before the big smile, but that doesn’t change the fact at hand. Stoners love life and they live it to the fullest. They’re calm, cool, and collected, and always find a reason to smoke with a fellow stoner if the situation calls for such. Stoners are happy, even at work and when on the job. It’s far more pleasant working around smiling, happy people.

Trait Two: They’re Motivated

Get a stoner high and ask them a question in which the answer they don’t know. Bet your bottom dollar the stoner will search high and search low to provide an answer. But, don’t expect just a simple answer from a stoner. You might very well get a three-page essay of the findings. So, if you need deep-rooted work, the stoner has you covered.

Trait Three: Perseverance

When a stoner begins their job, they are committed to the work they’ve started, even when the answers aren’t before them or the task seems almost impossible. Stoners are determined and dig deep to find a way to make it possible. Perseverance is always a great trait to look for in another person. It’s also a trait you can almost always count on finding in a functional smoker.

Trait Four: Creativity

Another trait of the functional stoner is creativity. Let a smoker have flower but no smoking device, and in an hour, he’ll have created an amazing smoking device.  When the herb hits, the mind is freed, and creativity comes in great bursts. It’s a trait that almost all stoners share.

Trait Five: They’re Calm, Cool, & Collected

One undeniable trait of a stoner is a sense of calmness around them. They’re cool, calm, and collected and it reflects upon everyone around them. Stoners can handle even stressful situations with ease. They can easily work with a versatile group of people, and can always diffuse situations.