Why Personalized Towels for your business!

Benefits of Personalised Towels for your Businesspersonalised-rally-towels

Towels have become more than just for use in the bathroom. Over time, there has grown a need of towels for different things. That need has given rise to personalised towels. Individuals and businesses are always looking to get personalised items, ranging from gadgets to clothes, cars, accessories and so on. There are hundreds of thousands of objects that can be personalised. You too can do same with your towel.

Personalizing a towel may seem like a strange idea to some, but to others itís just another way to stand out and be different. Personalised towels for individuals are just as popular, since the towels can be matched to so many things. The designs and type of materials are endless and you can find top quality personalised towels. If you are into golfing, personalised towels are some of the things you could use to show how serious you are about golf. Or you could give away the personalised towel as give away promotional materials with your business name and logo branded on it.

There are so many designs and styles of personalised towels available in the market today. There are little towels for wiping hands and larger towels for cleaning up after bathing. Hand towels are smaller and the cheaper towel variations. You can represent your brand and stand out with circular towels. What about zig zag designed towels? You can get any type of towel that suits your need.

You can stand out at public events or trade shows with your customized towels. Consider what attention your company towel would generate at a large hotel conference. Just think of the impression people will have when they start seeing your company logo around town and in pools and beaches. It shows how serious you take your publicity.

Branded towels can be used in many different ways. Many company manufacturers promote their mission with them. These towels have emblazoned on them specific information which could be graphics or text to boost their product and services. The colors are also company specific colors. Advertising with branded towels are an innovative way of telling the world of a new product or a new company. Using promotional branded towel is not something that is limited.

Branded towels can be used in gift basket holding special gifts. It can be raffled off in trade shows and conventions and events that pull crowds. Giving out promotional items is a good way of getting information about your business or company out to the public and giving it out as gifts help achieve this
Towels come in different sizes and materials. The color and the look of the towel can however be altered to suit your company needs. Quality of the towels also matter too. Materials such as cotton or velour will send a message to the clients that the company is willing to go lengths for them. These towels are walking billboards for the company when they are regularly used and are great for promoting a cause.

There are obviously many benefits you can enjoy from having personalised towels, especially on its usefulness. Everyone use towels. Check out http://www.rallytowels.com/towel-types/dye-sublimated-towels/  for a look at quality custom towels and printing. From cleaning up with it after a bath to lying on it at the beach. The sizes, material and colors are so numerous, you don’t have to limit your choice or creativity.

In all this, deciding which fabric to use is the most difficult decision to make. The longevity and perception of the towel is dependent on the material used in making it. The availability of a variety of towels ensures you set a standard of your branding. Do you deal with high end clients, then get the material that fits. A simple cheap towel would show how much value you place on them. High quality and high end designs appeal to the crowd easily.

Our trip to Albuquerque New Mexico

   The Magic TreeSorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I have been reviewing some new products for a company I am working for and I have been on the road. I will soon be reviewing a lot more restaurants all over America. I am very excited to share my delicious experiences. I recently went to Albuquerque to visit some friends and also to have a training with some new colleagues.

While I was there I did a ton of work the first few days but by the third day I was thinking about escaping and finding the best places to eat and enjoy a break from all the brain storming and work load. I found a cute little pub reminded me of something from New York believe it or not. I also had an important meeting with a huge corporation and had to speak in front of the CEO so a friend of mine from New Mexico told me a great little hair and makeup salon in her local area where I can go get dolled up for this special occasion.

I went and this neat, modern beautiful salon definitely backed up its image. Everyone was so friendly and bubbly and I love it. Marcus the owner of D’Ambrosio salon really blew me away with his knowledge and incredible talented staff. I love looking deep into different businesses and hearing the success and also rough times. This establishment is well known in the local town and I can see why. Marcus eats, sleeps and breathes his business and is very very passionate about his work.

I had my make up all done, my hair cut and colored then blown out and styled. I literally felt like a celebrity by the time they were done. If your ever in need of a hair salon in Albuquerque, NM be sure to look up this location or YELP them. They have an excellent reputation.

4910 Cutler Ave NE Suite 3A 
Albuquerque, NM 87110 
(505) 881-0111 
Mon – Fri: 9:00AM – 6:00PM 
Sat: 9:00AM – 5:00PM 
Sun: Closed

My Experience on The New Skinny Me Detox Tea

A few things to eat when you want to slim down and what I did to detoxify and slim down

So you want to get slim and detox? Have you tried out routines but they seemed not to work out? If so you should look into getting foods that are great in helping you lose weight. Eating fat burning foods will help make you slim and streamline your body so you can fit easily into that outfit you have always loved to wear. Coupled with exercise, eating fat burning food is one of the easier ways of losing weight and getting that slim figure.

The idea behind eating more which is to help with weight loss and slimming down might not be understood by some people because they have been finding it difficult to lose weight for some time and have not been seeing good results. However the truth of the matter is that consuming more of these fat burning foods will lead to loss of more pounds. It may sound odd but it is true. I did this exact eating method and also incorporated Skinny me tea in my diet to help slim down and cleanse my body of toxins.green-tea-pic

Remember all foods that you eat require energy for digestion. However this can be made use of by eating foods that are difficult for the body to digest. This helps by burning more energy in the process of digestion. This leads to a lot of fat burning which would lead to a gradual slimming down. The Foods that are fat burners are the ones that really stress the body most and are most difficult to digest. This means you can burn the most calories with each meal. This combined with eating smaller meals, often daily, you will be able to develop your body to a fat burning machine.

Whole foods are foods that will help you get slim as well as foods in their natural state. These foods include wholemeal rice, whole grains, wholemeal pasta, as well as bread. These are carbohydrates that are complex and this means u get to feel full longer. Be sure however that there are forms of protein in your diet. These could be chicken breast, turkey breast, seafood, fish and eggs.

You will want to choose vegetables that are fibrous and green, as well as are hard to digest by your body. These include vegetables such as green beans, brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, peas and cabbages. The more of these veggies in their raw and natural state you can eat, the better they are for you. However, you should remember not to eat raw potatoes. Apart from this, think vegetables regularly.

These natural fat burning foods eaten raw can help you slim down:

Orchard Fruits: – Apples, , Cherry’s, Pears, Damsons, Plums.

Citrus Fruits: – Lemons, Oranges, Limes, Grapefruits.

Berry Fruits: – Blackberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries, Red currants, Cranberries, Black currants, Grapes.

Other Fruits: – Bananas, Avocados, Melons, Kiwi Fruits, Pomegranates.

Fibrous Vegetables: – Broccoli, Cabbage, Celery, Cauliflower, Leeks, Peas, Spinach.

Root Vegetables: – Carrots, Parsnip, Onions, Swede, Turnips.

Salad Vegetables: – Cucumbers, Lettuce, Spring Onions, Tomatoes, Radishes, Beet roots.

If you intend slimming down within the shortest time possible, then try to build your entire diet around these fat burning foods. Also if your trying to detox with a tea consider Skinny me tea. Even if you can maintain it for some weeks and months, you could shed a whole lot of pounds in the process. There is an abundance of fat burning foods and teas at your disposal and if used wisely will be begin to produce results within a short time.

I know a great NY Personal injury firm!

As you all know, I love traveling! I try to drive everywhere and get the most out of all the sceneries. If you are an avid traveler like I am, you have to keep in mind the precautions and other obstacles that you may encounter as a traveler. You need to pay attention to the new areas you visit and the new people that you encounter. Not everyone is as friendly as you are and not everyone is as nice as you may think, so you have to be aware at all times. You should always have a first aid kit in your car, a jack, a jumper cable and all of the other necessities you think you may need when you come across certain difficulties as you travel. With that said, you understand that I am very cautious in my travels and you should be too.

A few months ago as I was visiting Long Island New York, I got into a pretty bad accident. I was driving eastbound on LIE 495, stuck in traffic, I stopped short and I was rear ended by a pickup truck. At the time, I was driving a small hybrid Honda and if you don’t know, those cars are not very strong. The impact pushed the trunk of my car in, crushing all that I had in there, all the way to the backseat. I got a severe whiplash and was in a lot of pain, it felt like my neck snapped.

For those of you who do not know New Yorkers, they are not very friendly. The driver that hit me immediately came out of his truck and started screaming and yelling at me while I was in the drivers seat in severe pain. The guy was cursing and screaming nasty words, he also tried to open the door and fight me. Luckily a few people came to my aid and pushed him away from the car. If it weren’t for the people there, I would have been injured pretty badly. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and had to stay there over night. The next day, I was discharged and was sent home with a lot of pain medication.

car smash

As soon as I got home, I did not wait, I went right on the computer and searched for Long Island personal injury lawyers. To my luck I found a really good website www.personalinjurylawyerlongisland.org, I filled in my information and got a call within 1 hour. I explained to the lawyer what happened and he invited me to the office to discuss things further. To make a long story short, they took care of everything and told me that they were going to fight for what I deserve. I was so happy and comfortable after consulting with them. I feel so relieved that this whole mess is over and done with. Remember, if you ever get into a serious accident, make sure you contact a lawyer!

Eyelash extensions and much more….

Eyelash extensions, Long hair and make up make overs. SO WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT WHEN GETTING EYELASH AND HAIR EXTENSIONS ? So my girl friends and I went to our best friend Melissa’s Long island, NY wedding and not only was it amazing but I love my new make over especially my new long elegant eyelashes. I learned how popular these are in LA & NY.

 2015 is right around the corner and women and even teens I realize are going crazy with the new eyelash extension trends. But is there a difference in quality lashes just like quality hair extension.  Oh YES there is. A big difference too. A lot of New York City salons are now offering this popular service. Brides and Bridesmaids( Like me and my g-friends), Sweet sixteens, proms are just a few special occasions that women are indulging in this new fad. Oh yeah and also Friday and Saturday night club heads are receiving long lash extensions to really stand out. LOL I learned that at a local club on this recent trip. The owner ADA of ADA-LASHES a Long island eyelash extensions specialist said her phone does not stop ringing for this particular service. By the way she is simply AMAZING! at what she does.

Make up has been popular and growing for years but a few local long island new yorkers said that the quality of make up and a true great make up artist can make a huge difference especially with modern, sleek complex looks. Smoky eye is just a taste of a new stylish trend. Living in NYC or Long island make sure to check out ADA Lashes and what she can offer. Check out her Video at the top of this post.

Make sure your local eyelash provider has a reputable name and quality service. Thank you again Ada

New Jersey Bound!

Heading back to New Jersey.


So a few years ago myself and a few close friends decided to invest in a small house right on the Jersey shore. If your un familiar with the Jersey shore click here and you can learn more and see how beautiful it is. It is also a crazy party place during the summer. I like to compare it to the south shore of Long island New York. If you like loud music, live bands, bar hopping and clubs mixed with beach sand, ocean water and the crazy NJ crowd then this place is right up your ally.

We enjoyed a trip here so much that we decided as an investment to buy a small 2 bedroom house right on the shore and when we don’t plan to use it we actually rent it out and believe it or not we get a ton of calls about vacation rentals on this property. We have had the house rented since the start of the summer and never had any problems or damage done which is quite surprising. However we are now New jersey bound because of a little incident that occurred during the last rental.

We recently rented the shore house out to a couple in their 50′s for a whole month which was the longest rental we had with this property so far. So all the papers were signed and we even have a few friends who drop by the house as a check up to make sure no-one is partying to hard if you know what I mean ;) any how 3 weeks go by everything was going great until I received a phone call on Tuesday morning at 6a.m. from a the couple.

They said they were up all night because there were sounds of animals in the attic upstairs and they believed what ever it was made it down into the kitchen . The garbage was sabotaged and fruit and things on the counter were now on the floor. I called a friend that runs a restaurant in the area and he dropped by. Sure enough I had bats living in the attic and not just one bat but at-least 4. So right away I called a bat removal nj service team that was recommended by Justin our good friend who also lives 3 houses down on the shore.

about 3 hours later I received a call from a guy named Paul and he was at the house with what he called proper bat traps and all this pest control equipment and he actually sounded excited to remove these bats for us. Here I am drinking coffee and thinking about how worried we all were when we first invested in the house because we did not know if we can trust the renters the whole summer especially with how crazy it gets on the New Jersey shore. We constantly worried about parties, cops people getting hurt meanwhile we get a call that we have bats in the house.

At this point I was real disappointed and felt bad for the pleasant couple who had an amazing three weeks so far but Paul the New Jersey exterminator was so great and assured me he will remove the bats as quick as he can and close up the entrance after he finds it. I can’t thank Paul enough not only did he remove the bats but he gave me 20% off and even paid for the couples dinner so they can go leave the house while he performed his work.

I had to share this bizarre story because it just shows you that you never know what unexpected odd things can happen.

I owe Paul a huge thanks and here is a video bee removal NJ of Paul and his professional services HERE and below.


Visiting Westchester New York

So we arrived to Westchester a few days ago.

We decided to rent a house for two weeks in the northern part of Yorktown. There were so many areas in Westchester to choose from but we came across this beautiful ranch that we fell in love with. Like I said before I wanted to share our experience so far. Right now I am out on the front porch drinking a cup of tea, writing away and watching my dogs run around the front yard. (LOL) Here is a picture of Dulce my little Boston Terrier and Vito our little cocker spaniel mix. photoSo now that I am sitting back and finally relaxing I will give you our fun and not so fun experiences so far. We arrived to our rental house very late last Friday night. We settled in slept and woke up and decided to go out and have breakfast at the Yorktown coach diner. I must say it was a very peaceful experience and the food I give a 4 out of 5 stars.

However when we arrived back to the house as soon as I opened the front door I noticed a puddle of water right when I stepped in. I wanted to scream because we left some of our luggage on the floor right in the living room, luckily the flood did not make it that far but it did soak the beautiful area rug in the middle of the living room. We immediately called the land lord who then showed up an hour later to find that the line to the refrigerator ice maker was leaking.

They had just installed a new fridge the day before, so something was not properly secured. The landlord called the appliance place and also a reputable carpet cleaning in westchester NY .Both companies showed up the same day and cleaned up the mess that was made in the kitchen and on that beautiful area rug.

After that surprise we decided to barbecue and met up with some friends who were also staying in the area. So far every night we started a bonfire drank some wine and cocktails and are getting ready for a hiking trip in the next two days. So far Westchester has treated us okay. Also we ate at a great little Italian place called Don Tommasos. The food was incredible! If your ever in the area definitely check it out. We will be traveling to some nice areas of Westchester over the next week so if we encounter any other great restaurants or crazy surprises I will be sure to post.

Look at this incredible pic of the sky I took yesterday evening.

westchester sky

westchester sky






Big Thanks to Better SEO Services!

Just need to thank everyone who is helping us grow and build our website. We have grown relationships over the years with some amazing people all over the world. We built two online businesses which have enabled us to travel and live life to the fullest and do what we really love and now we get to share our experiences.

With out networking and building strong relationships we would have never met James and Arvin who run a very strong Long Island SEO business and these guys have helped us build our online businesses tremendously. Not only have they been amazing to work with but they both are great friends and they know how to build businesses and real relationships.

Our online Marketing campaigns are responsible for 98% of sales and branding our businesses as a whole. It is amazing the knowledge and work you guys put into your Search engine Optimization and marketing campaigns. You are truly experts at what you do and deserve everything you have.

You have stuck by our sides and helped us launch this new blog which we are extremely excited about and it took months of preparation and we are still putting all the pieces together but we must give a HUGE thanks to you guys. Sometimes traveling and business get in the way of reminding you of the people who truly care and that you really appreciate them as well. So before we make any more travel posts we wanted to make sure we thank you guys and also Thank a few other amazing people.

Our Thank You’s Go Out Also To:

Mary Abriello

Shane O’conor

Anthony Antanasio

We thank you for all your support with business, online marketing and offline marketing, all your creative ideas and most importantly your friendship. You guys are amazing. I will never forget when we first met in Long Island New York and that is where our big journey began with our very first business and look where we are today. From a thousand web re-designs to successful businesses. With out you all we would not have accomplished even half of what we have so far.

Remember when it is cold and snowy and you are sick of ski trips and shoveling, we have a great place in Hawaii for you to travel to and getaway.

Travel and live life !

  When it comes to traveling, exploring new places and diving into new ventures things can get pretty over whelming if you don not have a travel guide or at least some direction on where to go, where to stay and where to eat. We created this blog so you can go away, eat and have fun with a piece of mind. We are a group of travelers ourselves who travel the world, and all of America networking with other travelers and we give our honest feed back on some of the most beautiful places, art, food and just amazing experiences that so many miss out on.

When planning a vacation or even a permanent move to another texas flagstate or country it is extremely important to know the areas and great places to visit and experience.  I remember when I first started traveling just around America we decided to visit Texas. I t was a very spontaneous, last minute trip but my partner and I had just had some great success with one of our businesses and we wanted to celebrate so we booked a flight and a hotel and headed for Texas for a week getaway.  When we arrived we soon learned a big lesson. Make sure you know where you are traveling before you go! Now do not get me wrong our trip was absolutely amazing but it was after a lot of talking to locals and long rides in our rental car to places we heard we must see.

We went back two more times to Texas and both those times we stayed in Austin because for us this is where we had the time of our life that very first trip. Problem with that first trip was we flew into Houston and our hotel was in Houston as well. Although we loved the different atmosphere once we took a drive to Austin one night we decided to go through a very long and crazy transfer from our hotel in Houston to another in Austin.

Now if we had known more about Austin and the type of night life and hotels that were in that area we would have never booked a hotel in Houston, we would have stayed in Austin and took a day visit to Houston and maybe Dallas but we learned to do some due diligence before just landing in an airpot somewhere miles away from home.

Over the years we met tons of new travelers and made some great friends all over so we decided to make this blog to not only share our experiences but help new travelers and movers as well. We hope to soon ad a search button to our website that will allow you to search areas you may like to travel or move to and if we have content about that place it will pop up and you can see some pictures, video and places we recommend and maybe were also not so fond about.

Feel free to join our newsletter and stay in touch and remember before you travel stop by RTA-RIDE for great guidance.