Big Thanks to Better SEO Services!

Just need to thank everyone who is helping us grow and build our website. We have grown relationships over the years with some amazing people all over the world. We built two online businesses which have enabled us to travel and live life to the fullest and do what we really love and now we get to share our experiences.

With out networking and building strong relationships we would have never met James and Arvin who run a very strong Long Island SEO business and these guys have helped us build our online businesses tremendously. Not only have they been amazing to work with but they both are great friends and they know how to build businesses and real relationships.

Our online Marketing campaigns are responsible for 98% of sales and branding our businesses as a whole. It is amazing the knowledge and work you guys put into your Search engine Optimization and marketing campaigns. You are truly experts at what you do and deserve everything you have.

You have stuck by our sides and helped us launch this new blog which we are extremely excited about and it took months of preparation and we are still putting all the pieces together but we must give a HUGE thanks to you guys. Sometimes traveling and business get in the way of reminding you of the people who truly care and that you really appreciate them as well. So before we make any more travel posts we wanted to make sure we thank you guys and also Thank a few other amazing people.

Our Thank You’s Go Out Also To:

Mary Abriello

Shane O’conor

Anthony Antanasio

We thank you for all your support with business, online marketing and offline marketing, all your creative ideas and most importantly your friendship. You guys are amazing. I will never forget when we first met in Long Island New York and that is where our big journey began with our very first business and look where we are today. From a thousand web re-designs to successful businesses. With out you all we would not have accomplished even half of what we have so far.

Remember when it is cold and snowy and you are sick of ski trips and shoveling, we have a great place in Hawaii for you to travel to and getaway.

Travel and live life !

  When it comes to traveling, exploring new places and diving into new ventures things can get pretty over whelming if you don not have a travel guide or at least some direction on where to go, where to stay and where to eat. We created this blog so you can go away, eat and have fun with a piece of mind. We are a group of travelers ourselves who travel the world, and all of America networking with other travelers and we give our honest feed back on some of the most beautiful places, art, food and just amazing experiences that so many miss out on.

When planning a vacation or even a permanent move to another texas flagstate or country it is extremely important to know the areas and great places to visit and experience.  I remember when I first started traveling just around America we decided to visit Texas. I t was a very spontaneous, last minute trip but my partner and I had just had some great success with one of our businesses and we wanted to celebrate so we booked a flight and a hotel and headed for Texas for a week getaway.  When we arrived we soon learned a big lesson. Make sure you know where you are traveling before you go! Now do not get me wrong our trip was absolutely amazing but it was after a lot of talking to locals and long rides in our rental car to places we heard we must see.

We went back two more times to Texas and both those times we stayed in Austin because for us this is where we had the time of our life that very first trip. Problem with that first trip was we flew into Houston and our hotel was in Houston as well. Although we loved the different atmosphere once we took a drive to Austin one night we decided to go through a very long and crazy transfer from our hotel in Houston to another in Austin.

Now if we had known more about Austin and the type of night life and hotels that were in that area we would have never booked a hotel in Houston, we would have stayed in Austin and took a day visit to Houston and maybe Dallas but we learned to do some due diligence before just landing in an airpot somewhere miles away from home.

Over the years we met tons of new travelers and made some great friends all over so we decided to make this blog to not only share our experiences but help new travelers and movers as well. We hope to soon ad a search button to our website that will allow you to search areas you may like to travel or move to and if we have content about that place it will pop up and you can see some pictures, video and places we recommend and maybe were also not so fond about.

Feel free to join our newsletter and stay in touch and remember before you travel stop by RTA-RIDE for great guidance.